Sunday, 20 May 2012

Miss Canada Sahar Biniaz is 2012. Talackova Jenna entered the 12 finalists

Miss Canada Sahar Biniaz
Sahar Biniaz Crowned Miss Universe Canada 2012

Sahar Biniaz, of 26 years , representative of Vancouver , was crowned Miss Canada 2012  last night at a ceremony held at the Bluma Appel Theatre in downtown Toronto.
For its part, the model Jenna Talackova, but did not win the crown, made ​​history in the Miss Canada contest  to become the first transsexual to compete in a beauty contest of this magnitude.
Talackova blonde, tall, was the center of attention after becoming the first transsexual to participate in the competition after a strong legal fight that required lawyers and even statements by Donald Trump.He managed to be among the 12 finalists but did not end at five.
However, the 23-year-old received the award for Miss Congeniality with four other contestants.
Adwoa Yamoah, of Calgary, was the second finalist
Biniaz, who will represent Canada in Miss Universe, was born in 1986 in India and grew up in Iranbefore coming to Vancouver, BC.
Three representatives participated in the Latin or contests. Veronica Salcedo , Mexico, Mariángela Avila , a Venezuelan by birth and Isabella Romero , a Colombian.

Miss Canada Jenna Talackova
Jenna Talackova - Miss Universe Canada

Miss Canada Jenna Talackova
Sahar Biniaz:
Jenna Talackova:

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