Saturday, 28 April 2012

Cheryl Cole to launch tell-all autobiography and uses same writer as Victoria Beckham

Cheryl Cole's rise to super stardom has been a turbulent ride from Pop Stars the Rivals to US X Factor each well-heeled step has been full of drama and now it's to be documented in one place: her autobiography.

After what felt like years of resisting publishing deals, Cheryl Cole has finally decided to lift the lid on her private life and write a tell-all autobiography.The ghost-writer is the mastermind behind Victoria Beckham's autobiography Leaning To Fly which satisfied Posh fans with every detail they needed to know.
And now Cheryl fans will receive the same treatment, and the singer will reportedly be quick to address how Simon Cowell really behaved during their time together on X Factor.It's also thought that in the book, out in November, she'll reveal that it was the music mogul who advised her to split from Ashley Cole following the sexting scandal.
So much so Simon handed Chezza the name and number of a divorce lawyer and that now Ashley believes if it wasn't for his interference they may still be together.
Juicy stuff indeed!
Whatever lies in the pages of Cheryl Cole's autobiography it'll be a chance for the brunette to finally have her say on everything that's ever been written about her.

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