Thursday, 31 March 2011

Types of Strawberry Plants

    • Strawberries can be grown by the home gardener. They will require soil that is at least a little acidic and an area with full sun. There are two main types of strawberries, and they make it possible to harvest them from spring to fall.


    • This type of strawberry is ready for harvest during the spring months. It will have to be watered during the dry season and not allowed to dry out, as it requires an inch of water each week to thrive. June-bearing plants usually produce larger fruits than the ever-bearing and day-neutral plants will provide. They produce fruit for a period of up to three weeks. You can use early and late varieties in your garden, as well as midseason types.
      Planting the Winona Giant type of June-bearing strawberry will provide you with large, sweet berries. The Sparkle Supreme is a strong, self-pollinating variety and the Jewel provides the grower with large berries to harvest.


    • Ever-bearing strawberries are harvestable from spring to autumn, but will provide smaller fruits than the June-bearing variety. They may provide a little fruit during the summer months as well. They can be grown in beds, fields or containers, and can be grown as annuals with high yields in Alaska.
      The Ozark Beauty is a type of ever-bearing strawberry that is a vigorous grower with thick foliage. Eversweet strawberry plants will tolerate temperatures of over 100 degrees, and the Fort Laramie will grow anywhere in the United States.


    • This variety of strawberry produces fruit when temperatures are between 35 and 85 degrees, usually during summer and autumn. In some areas, they may grow in spring as well. This variety will not produce a large crop of berries all at once, but will produce fruit over the entire term. The day-neutral variety can be grown in containers on a porch, and will also grow in a window that receives a lot of sun each day.
      The Tri Star provides berries that are glossy and deep red in color. Planting the Tribute will provide you with fruit that is a good choice for fresh eating. The Seascape is another day-neutral variety. It will provide you with big crops, and the fruits produced will be large.

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