Friday, 8 June 2012

Kanye West has taken charge of Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices, say insiders

KIM KARDASHIAN is in the midst of a makeover, thanks to her fashion-forward boyfriend. A source close to the bootylicious reality star and her beau Kanye West tells us the hip-hop artiste has been “styling” the 31-year-old future divorcĂ©e. West, who has shown his Dw fashion line in Paris, “is helping Kardashian with her fashion choices,” the insider explains. We wonder what Yeezy makes of his girlfriend’s Sears clothing line.

CARLOS BELTRAN returned to New York Thursday and told us he was eager to get a good look at Jonathon Niese’s schnoz. The St. Louis Cardinals outfielder famously paid for his former Mets teammate to get a nose job last off-season, but admitted he hadn’t seen the finished product. “I honestly haven’t had a chance to really see him from close up,” said Beltran, who held a fund-raiser for his Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy at Sofrito restaurant on E. 57th St. that brought out Mets hurler Johan Santana, injured Yankees closer Mariano Rivera and former Mets great Dwight Gooden. Gooden said when he played, in the ’80s and ’90s, a teammate offering to pay for someone's plastic surgery would have been unfathomable. If a player had an eccentric feature, they got a ribbing instead of a referral. “We used to get on guys like Andy Pettitte,” said Gooden. “We used to yell at him, ‘Donkey Nose,’ and stuff like that.”

BARBRA STREISAND may not hold a candle to Marilyn Monroe in the sensuality department, but when it comes to lasting star power, Lawrence Schiller says the two are in a league by themselves. At a private reception for the photographer’s “Marilyn & Me” exhibition at the Steven Kasher Gallery in Chelsea on Wednesday, we asked Schiller to name a contemporary female celebrity who would have Monroe’s enduring allure. “You can’t look at anyone contemporary because they’re just starting down the road of their life,” Schiller replied. “But if you want to look back into the ’50s and ’60s, then there’s only one other star, and that’s Streisand.” Schiller, whose sexy shots of Monroe range from $3,500 to $40,000, explained that Marilyn’s power was “knowing how to use her sensuality,” while Streisand’s is a bit more utilitarian. “She knows how to manage her career better than anybody else without making too many enemies,” he said with a smile.

KATHARINE McPHEE’S husband did the talking for her last weekend. The “Smash” star and her spouse, Nick Cokas, shopped at Blue & Cream on Sunday, where a source tells us McPhee was “pointing and using hand movements to communicate.” According to the source, McPhee was on a “vocal rest and unable to talk,” so the doting Cokas translated her sign language into requests for “different colors and sizes” of garments.

GOV. CUOMO doesn’t tolerate dissenters. A reliable source tells us that Fran Turner, political action director for the state’s largest public employees union, the Civil Service Employees Association, was not reelected for another term as a Democratic National Committee member because she opposed Cuomo on his Tier 6 pension plan, which reduces retirement benefits for future state workers. “She did her job, represented her members and got punished for it,” says the source, who notes that the upcoming Democratic Convention in Charlotte, S.C., in September will be Turner’s last. “I can’t confirm or deny that. Why don’t you ask the governor?” Turner told us, before adding: “It’s his prerogative to put whoever he wants on the committee.” Cuomo’s press secretary declined to comment.

SCENE STEALERS: Anjelica Huston was looking at rental apartments at 83rd St. and Central Park West the other day with her friend, singer/songwriter Carole King, according to lifestyle author Bruce Littlefield ... Hot 97 deejay Angie Martinez will be appearing in “Empire Girls” on Style Network, starting Sunday. ... Mob-kid-turned-rapper Tony Testa filming his 32nd-birthday party at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen on May 25 for an episode of his clan’s upcoming VH1 reality show, “The Family.” Actors Michael K. Williams and Andrew Keegan and rapper Maino attended. The series will follow “Mob Wives” beginning in October.

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