Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Norwegian Swimming world champion died during training

 Alexander Dale Oen, a community champ swimmer who was one of Norway’s top honor wants the London, uk Olympic games, passed away from strokes after failing in his restroom during a exercising get away in Flagstaff, State of arizona ( az ). He was 26.

The chief executive of the Norwegian boating federation, Per Rune Eknes, verified the loss of life to The Associated Media via phone on Thursday. He said it was still uncertain what led to the strokes.

Norwegian swimming world champion Dale Oen dies at 26
In a declaration, the federation said the 100 metre breaststroke community champ was discovered flattened on the earth of his restroom overdue Wednesday. He was taken to the Flagstaff Healthcare Heart, where he was noticeable deceased.

“We’re all in impact,” Norwegian Instructor Petter Loevberg said. “This is an out-of-the-body encounter for the whole group over here. Our ideas mainly go to his household who have missing Alexander way too beginning.”
Norwegian swimming world champion Alexander Dale died

Hospital speaker Starla Collins verified the loss of life, but did not offer further information.

Dale Oen gained his greatest succeed in the share at last season's planets in Shanghai when he won the 100 breaststroke, a success that offered some much-needed joy returning in Norwegian just three times after the slaughter by right-wing extremist Anders Breivik that murdered 77 individuals — such as kids at a get away.

Dale Oen devoted the win to the sufferers of that slaughter, directing to the Norwegian banner on his cap after the complete to deliver a concept to his countrymen house.

“We need to remain combined,” he said after the competition. “Everyone house now is of course disabled with what occurred but it was essential for me to indicate that even though I’m here in Chinese suppliers, I’m able to experience the same feelings.”
 swimming world champion Alexander Dale died

His loss of life taken over the information in Norwegian on Wednesday, and Excellent Reverend Jens Stoltenberg said on Tweets that “Alexander Dale Oen was an excellent patient for a little nation. My ideas go to his household.”

The Norwegian group is positioning a get away in Flagstaff before Olympic games, and the federation said Dale Oen had only experienced a lighting work out on Wednesday, and also performed some tennis that day. But team mates became concerned when the swimmer invested an uncommonly period of your energy and energy and effort in the bathtub, and joined his restroom when he never react to their hits on the entrance.
 world champion Alexander Dale died

The federation said “they discovered Dale Oen resting partially on the earth, partially on the side of his bathtub.”

Team physician Ola Roensen said he instantly began doing CPR until an emergency vehicle came.

Alexander Dale
“Everything was done according to process, and we tried everything, so it is hugely sad that we were not able to resuscitate him,” Roensen said. “It is difficult to take.”

In his last twitter on Wednesday, Dale Oen said he was awaiting going returning home: “2 times departed of our get away up here in Flagstaff,then it’s returning to the most wonderful town in Norwegian.. (hashtag)Bergen.”

Dale Oen was blessed in Bergen, Norway’s second greatest town, on May 21, 1985. He was the second son of Mona Lillian Dale and Ingolf Oen.

He began boating at the age of 4, and said on his web page that the game “came very simple and organic for me.”

Alexander Dale died
He is the second high-profile sportsman to die from strokes lately, after French language baseball gamer Piermario Morosini flattened on the concept during a Serie B activity for Livorno last 1 month. That event came just monthly after Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba also flattened during a activity title, but live through.

Alexander Dale 26 died during training
“It seems a fantasy that Alexander Dale Oen is no more with us,” Norwegian snowboarding champ Aksel Lund Svindal, the two-time overall community Cup champ, said on Tweets. “My ideas go out to his household, buddies and his whole group in Flagstaff.”

Keri-Anne Payne, the 10-kilometre start water community champ from England, said: “Such sad information for boating.”

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