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The start to making more money on your webpage is finally here with the Chitika. If you plan on having double the profit on your website you need to know Chitika is one way to do it. The Chitika is one thing that provides you with pay per click ads that’s reliable and safe. There not a scam what so ever and provide the money profits like Google Adsense. If you plan on using Chitika you should know it’s easy to sign up for just like Google Adsense.

The ads you can put on your websites through the chitika can be related or non-related items that’s on your web pages. The next step is to make sure the websites going to be perfect for using Chitika. The best way to find out is the amount of traffic that’s found on the website. The high traffic will allow your ads to be clicked on and allow your other affiliated programs to be noticed. If you plan on finding out how to get your website to the top and high levels of traffic then you should know the first steps to SEO. The SEO can be easy done through article content. The chitika needs to be clicked on in order to have money accumulate.

When you first get the Chitika ads on your website you should know it’s the start to making a successful website. To those that make websites and sell them you should know it’s really easy to make sells when you tell the buying about chitika. The chitika can be found all over the internet through online reviews and also found on many forums as well. The importance of having a high traffic website is to make the profits you want. The profits you need in order to make more websites to sell.

The selling of websites is actually very profitable if you make the right ones. When you make one that uses Google Adsense and Chitika you know it’s making the money you want. Also before buying a website its important that’s its getting the traffic it needs. You plan on finding out how to make more traffic to your sight it’s important to hire a SEO writer that’s going to write some content for you. When you find out how the SEO works for your website you should know those following keywords will attach search engines attention. If you plan on having a SEO content make sure you don’t use to much key word density so you don’t get penalized.

The information that’s located in the blue link is a Chitika Review that will give you more information on Chitika.
How do they work?
- ads pay on a per click basis. The value of the clicks depends upon the product being featured.
- left in default mode – mini-malls are contextual ads (ie they look at your content and try to find ads that are relevant with it)
- ads can be set to be non contextual and to target specific keywords (this is helpful when it comes to running them in conjunction with Adsense – more information on this below).
How Profitable are they?

The terms of using eMiniMalls don’t allow me to share specific figures but I can share the following:
Overall – I’ve been beta testing mini-malls for 5 weeks now and am very happy with them. They don’t out perform Adsense for me yet – but my overall earnings with them for the month of September is more than a quarter and less than a half of my Adsense earnings for the month (regularly readers will be able to do some sums and come up with some approximate earnings there). Take into consideration that I don’t have them running on every blog I own and have not spent much time optimizing them yet and you’ll see that they have some real potential.
Cost per Click – Very good. The first day I added mini malls to and saw the amount that each click was paying I was quite surprised. They are considerably higher than my average click value on Adsense – some days they are 5 or 6 times higher. I’ve talked to a couple of other bloggers using them and they report similar click values. This is the definate strength of mini-malls.
Click Through Rate – The percentage of people clicking on eMiniMalls ads is considerably lower than what I get on Adsense. This is a bit disappointing and is probably for a number of reasons.
Let’s hope they can increase CTR in future.
Reports – I’ll emphasize that mini-malls are in beta at present so don’t expect too much in the reporting realm yet. At this stage they just update at the end of each day and give you some basic stats under the four headings of – Date, Impressions, Clicks and Revenue. These stats are what they call ‘unaudited’ – which means they haven’t taken anything off the total that they suspect to be click fraud or ‘dodgy’ clicks. They ‘audit’ you at this stage once per month (they have indicated that this will happen daily at some point in the future). I was only in the system for three days of last month but the auditing brought my ‘unaudited’ figures back by about 10% of what they were. Clicks are audited by some secret process that includes multiple or repeated clicks, traffic from bots and spiders as well as traffic coming from certain countries like China or Korea.
I’m not too impressed by the auditing feature. While I understand why its there I can see that this will be the cause of some tension between Chitika and Publishers. I’m sure Adsense has some sort of system in place that does something similar – but they are big enough to build it in as a real time feature so that publishers just don’t know what they lose. I’d rather not know the amount they take off for this than have it dangled before me to be taken away later.
I know from my conversations with Chitika staff that the reporting system will be undergoing significant improvements in the coming weeks and months.
Ad Formats – The currently offer 10 different size formats in some pretty standard sizes. I’ve recommended to them that they add a couple of new formats that I believe would be beneficial to bloggers but overall the options are pretty good. They also allow you to make some changes to the design of your ads by changing colors of borders, title and text to match your blog.
Payment – Payment is via Paypal in US Dollars at the start of every month – around 30 days after the end of the month you’re being paid for. You need to reach a minimum of $10 to get a payment.
Can Mini-Malls be used in conjunction with Adsense? – Most people I talk to about mini-malls asks this – it’s important as most bloggers want to use them in conjunction with one another.
I’ve talked to Google about this via email. The first email I got back from them said ‘no’ you can’t use them for two reasons:
  1. They look too similar to Adsense Ads
  2. They are contextual ads
I decided to follow the email up pointing out two things.
  1. They actually don’t look like Adsense ads – they have a picture in them, tabs etc. I think the mistake Adsense made at first was in confusing mini-malls with Chitika’s other ads which do look very similar to Adsense ads.
  2. You can actually disable the contextual element of the ads and plug in code that targets a specific product.
The email I received back said that they were sorry for making a mistake and that Chitika mini-mall ads can be used in conjunction with Adsense IF they are set to be non contextual.
I know of two others who have had this same conversation with Google with the same results.
English Sites only – at this point they are in beta test and only accepting Engine sites into the program. While this is sad for non English sites I guess they have to start somewhere. Hopefully they’ll widen it later at some point.
All in all – I’m pleased with Chitika’s mini-malls. They have loads of potential. I suspect (and until I get channels I won’t know for sure) that they will do best on product related blogs. They seem to serve very relevant ads to my gadget type blogs and struggle on some of my more ‘news’ related blogs.

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